Monday, September 15, 2014

Roll of Film Monday

This roll spans from April to June.... It was the
last one I took with my old camera, so there's a wide variety
of lovely images.
Here's one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite Portland bands:

Shot some engagement photos for some friends

This babe

Healthy teeth are happy teeth

omg Lilah

Orphan Easter

Prost to the High Life

Tom knows how to party

Tobin's bike, shot by Tobin

Tobin's Bike, shot by Tobin

Playing Settlers of Catan!

Self portrait with curly hair

Self reflection, good by Nikkorrmat

why buy jewelry holders when there are thumb tacks?

That one time I was in college still

campus creepin


Dig a Pony

has good mac n cheese

Wine on Departure

what up that's my city

white buildings

modeling her new Nikes

My dad and an espresso

Sisters coffee

my family

My cute mama. Shortly after this was taken an angry woman came out and gave us the death stare.

just projecting on the floor

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Roll of Film Tuesday

Cousin's wedding in June, Graduation, Baby time!
The most beautiful venue for my cousin's wedding

My favorite uncle and cousin on the happiest of days!


Adding a great addition to the family!

my beautiful nonna

Mama, Nonna, Sisters: genetics!

this man on an airplane

Luc Lac!

Hamachi is a bitch, but I love her

That one time I graduated from college

Milana kisses

lighting is off, but still love it

Bro and his baby

bad lighting, but my favorite family

Milana in the forest

Pok Pok rainstorms

introducing them to das Boot

Mila in Powell's

Nyah in Powell's


Nyah Grace

Silly goofs

Making them love me!!!

Nyah catching up on Cosmos

Machi <3

such a babe