Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break 2014

My two friends came to visit:
Lauren Parker and Jessica Stanley
Their beautiful, angelic faces grace most of these next photographs.

It was Danny's birthday

Jen the sea monster!

I am the American Dream. 

My city

My baby cakes

Flowers and cookies for my guests :)

In the Timberline Lodge

Timberline art

View from Mt. Hood

Timberline Lodge

With my lovely loves

Monte is TC

Just two kids frolicing in the snow

Mr. Malin explaining the origin of trees

Hanging out on the slopes

Planet Earth is beautiful

This babe

Frosty trees

Deschutes Jess

iphone butt





Jess in Powell's

Soaking up Art


No Jess

Roll of Film Wednesday: Wandering in the New Hood!

We live in Northeast Portland now! [as in this is our 2nd month here...]
It's fantastic and I am obsessed with the houses and colors all around.
There's also a few shots from the Schaus beach house in Cannon Beach!
This is also the first roll I shot with a new to me Nikkormat!
One day I'll get a nice film camera... one day.

z love

Cannon Beach

View from the beach house


Haystack rock

The neighbors


Hey little friends

Gnome friend

Just some ducks hanging out in the neighborhood

You are so soft tree

There are four churches within 3 blocks of my house

More cat friends!

The tip of spring



Has in flash

Amir and Mike